Capture stories, capture hearts

with the creative know-how to visually tailor videos to best fit your brand we can tell your story together.

With social media paving the way in marketing and advertising, ones desire for worldwide exposure is merely a share, retweet, or tag away. Creative visuals lend themselves to be catapulted around the globe at a blink of an eye, exposing your product to not only your target audience but to an array of new customers.
Whether you are promoting a product or providing a service, visuals allow customers to connect to a brand’s identity, sparking a deeper relationship between them and your brand. We are all measured in our growth by our exposures, so let us help you to get out there and continue to grow.
Passion cannot be taught, but it can inspire. Jon has buckets of passion for his craft and it spreads to everything and everyone he works with. Me included.”

Scott Denton-Cardew – Levis

“I have known Jon Ryan for years and the only thing better than his talent is his loyalty.”

Tyler Shields – Photographer

“Our video helped SIGNIFICANTLY boost sales to our target demographic, spreading our business from Orange County to Los Angeles. Now we cater high end parties that without a video, we would not have been able to cater.”

Andy Zambrano – SOHO Taco, Catering

“Such a great up and coming director and artist.”

Shane C. Drake – Music Video/Commercial Director